Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Coed:Code A Diversity in Tech Event

Why are there so few women in tech, particularly in systems and in infrastructure software?

As a 66.6(recurring)%* female team you might think we'd have the answer! But we don't. Is it
  • Lack of senior women implying a poor career path?
  • Perceived youth/presenteeism/male culture (20 hour days and hackathons)
  • Crazy superlatives in job descriptions subtly discouraging woman or people with disabilities or folk with caring responsibilities from even applying?
  • More attractive alternative careers in Law or Accountancy or Finance?
  • Is Sheryl right? Are we just not Leaning In?
  • All of the above?
  • Something else entirely?
  • *Excessive pedantry
Tech can be a great career. It's hard, it's creative, you get to make things, you meet bright people, it's decently paid, it's potentially very flexible and there are lots of interesting jobs available. So why so few women and so few people with disabilities? It's clearly failing to be the career choice it could be.

What should we be doing better for everyone? We're co-organising Coed:Code on the 3rd February with the lovely folk at Weaveworks, RedmonkCanonicalPivotalCloudsoft and ClusterHQ to find out. Let's do something about it.

Come along and have your say as well as chatting about Go, C and other favourite low-level languages with a panel of smart & pleasant** women in tech
  • Jenny Mulholland from Softwire
  • Yanqing Cheng from MetaSwitch Networks
  • Sue Spence of IndigoCode and London's Women Who Go (proving that women in tech don't shy away from the double entendre)
  • Chair: Anne Currie of
**Not calling anyone "Rockstars" because that sounds egomaniacal

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